Tourists to Fussen don’t necessarily spend their entire vacation in town. Many come here with the intention of enjoying the great outdoors. Two of the most popular activities that tourist enjoy during the warmer months are hiking and mountain biking.

In the area that surrounds Fussen (which is the region of Bavaria ) there are more mountains than imaginable, and also a huge number of beautiful lakes and green areas that are perfect for hiking in, up, or around. Hikes can range from easy (for families with young children) to difficult. However, one thing can be sure… a hike will provide beautiful views of the area.

Mountain biking is just as popular as hiking. There are rivers with biking paths along side them and forests that can accommodate mountain bikers looking for some adventure. The riding can be difficult, but is worth the challenge.

There are two national parks in Bavaria , so a vacation in Fussen can include a trip to one or both of them. The first is the Bavarian Forest National Park and the second is Berchtesgaden National Park . Both are home to interesting plant and animal life. There are guided tours of the parks available as well as opportunities to explore alone.