Southern Germany in Bavaria is known for its continental climate, which is generally very mild and pleasant weather throughout the year. Summers around Regensburg are never hot, winters are never terribly cold. This makes for an ideal place to visit where a few layers should serve you well throughout the year.

The are numerous attractions throughout the city, and as you’ll likely need to walk around, the best time to visit is during the late spring and summer; this is when the temperatures are warm with plenty of sun but never too hot. There can be occasional days of high heat but this seldom the case. August is typically the rainiest month, but generally this is attributed to a few days of heavy rainfall.

The late fall and early winter make up the true rainy season with periods of light but persistent rain for days… or even weeks on end. Snow is not common, and winters can generally be quite mild. But the higher mountains are snow covered from January to March, sometimes longer. In Regensburg however, the temperatures seldom dip below freezing during the day light hours. All in all, with its beautiful Southern German forests and mountains, and it numerous old style buildings Regensburg makes for a pleasant destination throughout the year.