Although Nuremberg just finished up hosting the World Cup in its Franken Stadium, there is more to its sports scene than soccer.  A locale of lovely landscape, outdoors activities dominate its parks, waters, and woodlands.

Cycling, for instance, is enormous in this city.  An international cycling race takes place here every year, and Nuremberg’s ladies’ Equipe Nurnberger Verisicherung is an world-acclaimed bike team of incredible success.  In addition, the German Tour Car Championships are held during the Norisring Race event to promote the city’s other wheel-wielding experts.

The country’s largest recreational center, the Postsport-Verein, is located in Nuremberg.  Mainting a membership of 20,000, multitudes of the city’s denizen make their muscles here.

Jogging, climbing, angling, ice skating, and cross-country skiing are all big in the city and surrounding area, as is anything to do with water.

Of particular note are Nuremberg’s pools, or baths, scattered throughout the city, both indoors and out.  Some of the more prominent ones include Hallenbader, Hallenbad Katzwang, Nordost, Langwasser, Hallenbad Sud, and Stadion.

Great places to dive, swim, or sunbathe, Nuremberg boasts its baths as a significant component of its amazing and active sports world.