Shopping in Nuremberg should begin in the city’s pedestrian district, an area where walkers with any size wallet can partake in the sprees that make for so much traffic here.  

Purchases in Old Town would be exclusive, historic, and maybe artistic, though more conventional and departmental retail can be found here as well.

Along Breite Gasse and Karolinestraße streets, the window shopper will gaze through panes of more exclusive shops while being tempted into more affordable boutiques, as the area vends designer brands that widely range in price.

The city’s market square on Kaiserstraße whets appetites with fresh produce and some of the country’s best meats (especially sausage), dairy, and breads.  The market also boasts beautiful floral arrangements to bring back to your significant other-vacationer.

The Handerwerkerhof
shop is an oft-bragged about Nuremberg hotspot of handicraft art, including dolls, pewters, and gorgeous glasswork; though running around malls may be fun, be sure not to forget Nuremberg nooks like these when lapping its commercial circles.