Nuremberg’s vital arts world shines in its theater and, most luminously, in its world-famous music scene.

The Nuremberg State Theatre
is a venue of ballet, opera, play, and puppetry, its Puppet Theatre Festival a favorite event throughout all of Germany. 

The Opera House, founded at the turn of the twentieth century, hosts the Nuremberg Opera Ball every September.  In the fifties, the venue added a playhouse theatre and a Blue Box stage for premieres. 

Improv is big in this city, with the Improvisation Theatre dominating the comic culture.

The city’s philharmonic and symphonic orchestras are award-winning musical jewels of Germany.  Boasting Hollywood soundtrack fame (e.g. Ben Hur), the Nuremberg theater is more than a mere candle to the sun of the Berlin Philharmonic. 

The Symphony Orchestra
performs in the Meistersingerhalle, which holds three thousand—the rough size of the organization’s membership.  Offering free summer concerts, the NSO travels and records regularly.

The Philharmonic is big into opera, with nearly a hundred musicians playing in pits for over twenty annual products—not to mention its regular involvement in its own chamber series and other Meistersingerhalle events. 

Home to some of the country’s most impressive musical venues, performers, and festivals—Nuremberg has so much in the way of arts to show off to its visitors.