On sunny days the mountains of the Bavarian Alps can be seen from Munich - so why not making a day trip there? It's just about 180km to drive and you are in the amazing Berchtesgaden National Park. Mountains, waterfalls, Lake Königssee - it's all here where you have endless opportunities for sport activities such as hiking, climbing or mountain biking.

And you don't even need a car! Just hop on the BOB (Bayrische Oberland Bahn) and get to Tegernsee, Garmisch or Schliersee for 27€ and up to five people.

Almost seems a shame to motor to the Alps from Munich. Go green and leave the driving to the railroad. As stated above use BOB or any regional train to get south to the border and in some instances over the border into Austria (Salzburg) for a reasonable day ticket price. Best price when using automatic ticket machines which by the way are easiest to use in Germany. Day ticket anywhere in Bavaria after 9am weekdays (all days weekends) til 3am next day were Euro 19.00 single and max euro 27 for group up to 5. Fussen, Garmish, lake side villages near the Alps etc.


One nice place for a traditional day out is Benidiktbeurn via regional train and walk just a few steps from the Bahnhof to the Klosterbrau Stuberi for traditional Bavarian food, beer and live band music. The brewery and restaurant (if it was in the USA west it would be called a microbrewery)  is within the outer walls of the very nice Benedictine Abby (Kloster) in a small village hence the name of the town. Rail line goes to Kochel am See (end of line). It is a branch line so trains are a bit less frequent than main lines but worth yout time to go and enjoy.