This area is full of attractions, natural beauty, and historical monuments; the charming architecture of the town counting toward that.

To get your culture underway, you can head to the Richard Strauss Museum/Institue. Richard Strauss was a very famous composer from the area; learn more about him by stopping in here.

To load up more on history head to the Werdenfels Museum which came about in 1895. The museum gives visitors a great education on the culture and history of this Bavarian region. The building itself is quite historical, having once been a little food market building dating back to 1973.

Once you have learned about the history in the Werdenfels Museum it's only right to head to the Werdenfels Castle ruins. The castle went up around 1219 and was a protective fortress. The name most likely means "Defend the Rock". Although only ruins today, one can be impressed with the site of such an ancient property.

There are also several beautiful churches in the area worth a visit:

  • Pilgrimage Church of St. Anton
  • The "St. Sebastianskircherl"
  • Garmisch Old Church/Alte Kirche

The climactic spas and wellness centers are some of the world's best. Not only providing relaxation but also theraputic services. For more information visit the city's online tourist board page dedicated to spa information.