There are many festivals to lure you into Garmisch-Partenkirchen perhaps at time you weren't even planning to go! These Bavarians know how to celebrate and their charming culture makes it all the better.

One event to really consider attending is a week long one. The end of July through early August is Garmisch Folklore Week. There is simply no better time to celebrate the fun and tradition of Bavarian culture. Men in lederhosen will parade down the streets playing traditional music, everyone will be in a festive spirit, and there will be tasty Bavarian cuisine and cold beer every where to be found. It is their highlight of the year.

Another major annual event is the Richard Strauss Festival in July. This celebration honors the famous composer, Richard Strauss who was from this area. Famous musicians come from all over the world to perform in an eventful showcase of symphony.

Also in July is the BMW Biker Meeting held annually and bringing in BMW motorcycle riders and fans from all over. Riding is not the only part of this festial, plenty of music is to be heard and danced to as well.

Christmas in all of Germany is a beautiful sight and the same goes for Garmisch Partenkirchen; where there is a Christmasmarket.