Garmisch-Partenkirchen's mountainous location does not bring it much heat in the summer and winters get plenty of snow and cool weather. In fact, it is located at the foot of Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze in the Loisactah Valley. It is surrounded by mountains, a range known as the Wetterstein.

This high elevation means that summer temperatures do not go above 70 degrees therefore, this is not the place to come for hot fun in the sun! However, just because the cool climate, does not mean there is no sun. The area sees plenty of sunny days and sunscreen and sunglasses are necessary as the air is thinner making it easier to sunburn. The climate is considered an alpine one and the air quality incredibly high. They pride themselves on the lack of allergens; it is an "allergen free zone" simply because of its elevation status. Thinner air however, means getting into sports a bit more gradually as well as one's lungs will be working harder to get oxygen.

Winters are not remarkably freezing by any means. Averages during the coldest months of January and February range right around freezing point. If you come from a place that has winter, the winter in Garmish-Partenkirchen should not bother you and the ski conditions are great.

Coming here all year round is really an option. Skiers flock in the winter and spa goers tend to prefer the summer.