The city of Stuttgart is full of all types of nightclubs, discos, bars, pubs, and dance clubs, all with different themes and and attracting a different clientele.  Before going out at night in Stuttgart you may want to decide what type of place (or places) you'd like to spend some time at, and then do some research to find the nightlife venues that are right for you.  A good place to start doing some reading on Stuttgart nightlife and what is available at its various clubs is at the Tourism Board's nightlife page.  This page offers extensive listings of the city's night time offerings arranged by type.  The listings for individual clubs contain brief descriptions, addresses, telephone numbers, and websites where available.  A listing of places to eat post-club, which are open after midnight, is also available on the page.

Another aspect of the Tourism Board's nightlife page that may of interest to party seekers is its index of links to popular night time events and dance clubs.  See the site for more details.