The Stuttgart Tourist Board's Visitor Information Website is packed full of useful travel and tourism information on the city that anyone can use free of charge.  The site is a great place to begin researching a trip to the area, or to gather additional detailed information for a trip that has already been booked.  Visitors to the website will find a brief history of the city, transportation information and tips, accommodations listings, including hostels and camp grounds, dining guides, maps and virtual sightseeing tours.  The site also provides sports and entertainment listings, information on local radio and TV stations, and weather forecasts.

The public transportation information offered at the site will be of great use to travelers.  The information is up to date, and located on one convenient page.

Business travelers will also find the website useful.  Traffic reports, car rental, and car pooling information is available as is a searchable hotel guide.  

For further questions that the site may not answer, the tourist board can also be emailed via the site.