Baden-Baden is one of the two main cities in the southwestern region of Germany known as the Black Forest. Here, you will find the Rebland wine region, which is famous for classics like Neuweier Riesling, Varnhalter Klosterfelsen and Nägelsförster Spätburgunder. There are several estates that offer vineyard or cellar tours and wine tasting experiences around Baden-Baden, as well as a wine festival every September known as the Mittelalterliche Winzertage.

Another culinary delight of the Black Forest region is Black Forest cake, known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte to the locals. It is a rich dessert made with several layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and sometimes alcohol.

The Black Forest around Baden-Baden is also prominently featured in many fairy tales, and the area still has many castles and forts for a medieval feel. The Black Forest is also known for artisans skilled in the craftsmanship of cuckoo clocks. There is a factory that produces these charming timepieces in the nearby town of Titisee.

As a counterbalance to the fairy tale romantic feel of Baden-Baden, the city also has a thriving gambling industry, and many tourists now come for the casinos as well as for the beautiful forests and relaxing spas of the region.