The French culture is one of the most notable cultures in the world; known for its romance, the beautiful language, the incredible food and the French attitude. Chamonix in some ways encompasses the classic culture of the French with Gallic history. But its location in the Alps adds the outdoor and mountain spirit to the culture here. People are very active outdoors, skiing, walking, biking and more. There is a strong sense of community and they hold onto a slower pace of life. One where getting bread at the breadshop and meat at the butcher shop is preferred over one-stop chain/superstore shopping.

The slow pace of life is for many tourists a love, hate relationship. Tourists love the passion the people take for everyday events and this is in turn a big part of their culture. What must be understood and given extra patience, is that side effects of this can include slow service but that is not to say that the people are rude, it is simply the culture. Gastronomy is in Chamonix as it is in all of France, incredibly important.

There is a large sense of pride in Chamonix. The locals are very proud of the beauty of their home's surroundings, having been an Olympic city, and remaining a top world tourist destination. They should be happy to help you with your endeavors in Chamonix make your stay all the more charming!