Located just south of St-Rémy-de-Provence, the town of Glanum is one of southern France's most significant ancient cultural sites.  There is archaeological evidence of a settlement there as early as the Iron Age, and it is known that during the time when the ancient Greeks inhabited nearby Marseilles, Glanum served as a trading center.  After the Roman Conquest, Glanum become home to ornate Roman bath houses, religious temples and high city walls.  The ruins of the old Roman city are still being uncovered and it is believed that they actually cover an area much greater than originally thought, about 5 times what has already been excavated. 

Organized tours of the Roman ruins at Galum are available through the National Trust for Historic Monuments in France as well as through Galum's Tourist Information Center.  Tours must be booked in advance and are available in several languages.  National Trust tours are available in French only.  For more information, call the Tourist Information Center at:  04 90 92 05 22.  

Visitors are also allowed to visit the ruins on their own.