The city of Marseille has plenty of choices when it comes to nightlife. Like most other large cities throughout the world, Marseille has several bars, nightclubs, restaurants and dance clubs that stay open late. Also at night there are often performances at the various theatres, festivals, and events that are happening to celebrate a particular holiday or season. Both locals and tourists enjoy the nightlife in Marseille.

There are several theatres in Marseille, which offer a variety of shows including plays, musicals, ballet performances. Of course, there is also the opportunity to see live concerts - such as jazz, rock, or any other variety. Tickets to most theatrical or musical concert events must usually be purchased in advance. However, there are sometimes "at the door" tickets available for some performances.

For any tourist interested in live music in a restaurant or bar setting, many of the local spots offer this. Some of the local restaurants and bars have nights that are dedicated to particular types of music. For example, on Fridays they may only play reggae music. The people who stay up late to enjoy a night on the town are not limited to tourists. In most late-night venues, it's likely to see a wide mix and variety of types of people.