Off the beaten path, a lovely park suitable for all the family: 

Parc Castel des deux Rois

As a change from the beach and the bustle of the busy city, a relaxed day out in Nice with young children can be found at the delightful small park, Parc Castel des deux Rois . The park is off Avenue du Mont Alban, not far from the museum Terra Amata to the east of the Port. It is a short walk from the Port about 10-15 minutes but the last part is fairly steep and could be hard work with a buggy in the sun. The number 14 bus will get you up the hill if necessary. At least the walk is downhill on the way back. This park is hardly ever mentioned in guide books yet it is ideal for families with young children.

The park is dog-free and it is a real pleasure to be able to let your children run freely without the worry of treading in anything. It makes picnics more pleasant too. On a Sunday, many families come and bring lunch, some even bring barbecues. There are a few picnic tables dotted about, but most people seem to choose a spec under a tree and spread out a blanket on the grass.

For children, the big draw is the water. Three large stanchions continuously spray fresh water onto a large concave concreted area and the children play freely and run in and out of the spray. The water is pumped back so it is extremely safe; there is no pool, just safe water play. It is easy to keep an eye of the children from the grassy bank surrounding the play area. Remember to pack swimsuits, towels and water resistant sun cream.

There is a small café near the entrance to the park selling coffee, beers and wine, ice creams and a set menu for lunch. You can take-away, emporter , or sit at one of the tables for service. Their freshly made crepes (pancakes) filled with chocolate are very popular. Loos are to be found here, nice ones for paying customers of the café and a coin operated public one for everyone else.

Children will also love the large climbing frame, there are smaller ones for toddlers plus a large area of grass for general running around. Ostensibly, football is not allowed but a blind eye is turned to young lads and dads having a gentle kick about.

A smooth path edges the park, an opportunity for children to practice their roller-blading or scooter skills. There are a few smelly goats to contemplate on the far side of the park.

  parc castel des deux rois

 The photo shows the seating area for the cafe and the water play area in the background.