Win on the Lotto

For a first visit to Nice, a ride on the 'Lotto' train is the perfect way to get a feel for the old town as well as a grand view of the whole city. Make your way in an eastbound direction from the famous 'Promenade des Anglais'.  As you approach the large hill ( Colline du Chateau ), with the sea on your right, you should find the starting point for the Lotto train tour. Once aboard, the train somehow zips around the old town, ( 'Vielle Ville' ), lurching miraculously through narrow little streets and passageways, scattering pedestrians and stray cats alike. Take in the aroma of freshly baked pizzas, perfumed soaps and  lavender tinged souvenirs of all shape and description. This is just the beginning. Your journey continues to wind its way up the steep mound of 'Colline du Chateau'. At the top, the train pauses for about 10 minutes, which allows you to take in the views of the old town, the Promenade des Anglais and much more from a stunning viewpoint. There is a cafe there too, but it's unlikely that you will find the time to take photo's and buy a drink or snack. Nor will the train depart without you. Forget any idea of spending more time there and perhaps walking or taking the lift down, because of the possibility of trying to bag a seat on the next train, leaving another stranded !  When the train departs, it takes a different route down for part of the way to emerge on the other side of the hill by the 'Quartier du Port'.  Finally, turning the corner to emerge where you started. Now you will have a fair plan of things in your head, or maybe not, depending on what type of refreshment accompanied your lunch  Either way, the experience is well worth the time and now you can cut through  the archway to the ' Cours Saleya' for a look at the market. You see, it's a win on the lotto !