Southern France has among the best transportation systems in Europe, particularly their bus and rail systems. Buses are best for traveling within Provence, or any city you want to linger in, while the train system connects all major cities, making transportation easy and convenient. Be aware that the buses do not, as a rule, run on Sundays.

If you want to travel beyond the cities and explore the Provencal countryside, renting a car is the way to go. The Auto Route is a toll road, and tolls can run high, so you may want to avoid that. Otherwise, road conditions are good and drivers in the area are generally courteous.

Driving in the Provence area has its pros and cons. The coast roads have a lot of traffic, especially during heavy tourist times. The earlier and later you drive during the day, the better, usually. The flip side is that the beauty of the scenery make the hardship worthwhile.

Unless you are physically fffttttt (as opposed to “fit”), consider bicycling around Provence, particularly in the mostly flat farmland around the Rhone River. With only occasional slopes and small hills, mostly back roads and a few light-traffice highways, bicycling there is an activity the whole family will enjoy. Exercise caution when necessary, of course.