A passport is required for travel to Giverny and France, and a visa is necessary for stays longer than 90 days. A new European Union requirement (though not strictly enforced) is the stamping of your passport upon entry to any of the Schengen countries, which include France. It is advised and may be necessary to request that your passport be stamped upon initial entry in order to avoid a delayed departure, or insistence that you document your length of stay up to that point. Fines and other penalties may be incurred if unable to do so, so see that your passport gets stamped upon arrival.

Charles de Gaulle International Airport (also known as  Roissey Airport) is Paris' largest airport, and one of Europe's major aviation centers. Airport shuttles, trains, taxis, bus services, and rental cars are available to see you on your way to Giverny. In fact, it was while on a train that Impressionist painter and Giverny "transplant" Claude Monet discovered and fell for the Giverny countryside in 1883. Though that train route no longer exists, you can take a train as far as Vernon and hop on a bus for the remaining mileage to Giverny. You may even want to consider bicycling to Giverny, if conditions permit, as the scenery is rewarding.

If you prefer, or if you or a party member is phyically fit, hire a taxi or bus and be on your way.