Toulouse is a city that is rich in culture, because for centuries it has been a spot for artisans and musicians to gather. There are a ton of museums and other galleries and exhibits to see in Toulouse. Toulouse is home to the Musee Georges Labit, as well as Musee des Augustins. These are two very well respected art museums. Inside, you will find paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Some of them date back hundreds of years. The enter these museums you will need to pay a small fee, but sometimes you can get a pass that will allow you access for several visits, or if you go to another museum that is connected, you can get discounts on the next visit. The city also has a number of sights that have ancient Roman influences and cultural influences. These are great learning tools if you go with children, or even if you just want to get a little background information for yourself. If you go to the factories of the aeronautical companies, you might also be able to go for a tour. Since 9/11, some of the companies have suspended tours of the factories, but you should still call up and try to find out, as they may have changed their policies.

 There is also a 'history of medicine' museum just across the river from the main part of the city.

It's quirky and an interesting way to spend an hour. A must if you are interested in this sort of thing.