The strongest remaining portion of the long history of Limoges ( is its close relationship with the development of the porcelain industry (see for details).  As a result, many of the museums which are explored by travelers in the area are those museums which showcase ancient porcelain artifacts or museums which are devoted to the modern-day porcelain art of the area.

For example, many travelers spend time visiting Bernardaud ( which is an international store selling today’s porcelain.  The Limoges store offers a small museum where visitors can see some of the items made by the famous company in years past.

A more formal museum frequently visited by Limoges travelers interested in the history of porcelain in the area is the Musee National de la Porcelaine Adrien Dubouche (  This museum, named after its founder, has been a part of the area since the middle of the nineteenth century and its collection has been growing since that time.  Learn more about the museum at its official website:

For a completely different type of museum experience, visitors may want to check out the Musee des Distilleries Limougeaudes.  This eighteenth century distillery is still in production but includes a museum detailing the history of the early distilleries of the area.  See for more information about this and other Limousin region museums.