There is not a great amount of variation in Limoges weather throughout the year, as it is a location which is relatively moderate in temperature and consistent in rainfall.  However, the slight difference in degrees between summer and winter tends to make the former more preferable than the latter for most travelers.

The average summer high temperature in Limoges is in the mid-seventies which is a beautifully comfortable temperature for walking around outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the Limoges area.  Nighttime temperatures in Limoges at this time of year tend to be in the high fifties, which means that a light jacket should make a night out on the town comfortable.

The average winter temperature in Limoges is in the low forties, with daytime highs and nighttime lows tending to only venture approximately five degrees in either direction.  There is rarely snow in Limoges , although freezing rain sometimes accompanies the colder days of winter.

The winter months tend to be a bit rainier than the summer months, although there is a fairly similar level of rainfall throughout the year.   The driest month is usually August which averages seven days of rain.   The wettest months tend to average about eleven days of rain.   For more information about the area’s climate, see .