Montpellier can be visited any time of the year, as it generally offers comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  However, there are certain differences between the four seasons, which should be considered when planning a trip to the area. 

            On average the hottest months of the year are July and August, during which time the daily high temperatures will hover around the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.  However, during these summer months there is generally an ocean breeze blowing through the air, which makes the climate more comfortable.  The nighttime temperatures during these months will normally drop to the 60’s.  These summer months are also the tourist months, and beaches can often be packed and hotels sold out of rooms.

            The coolest months of the year are generally December and January, during which time the daily high temperatures will be in the low 40’s, and nighttime temperatures in the 30’s.  People who love to ski often visit during the winter months, as there are some good areas in the city’s near vicinity.

             Perhaps the best times of the year to visit are during the seasons of spring and fall.  Both of these seasons experience warm (but not hot) temperatures, manageable crowds, and the beauty of the spring bloom or the changing color of the leaves in fall.

            For more weather information, check out this Montpellier five-day Forecast and this Monthly Weather Averages page.