Keep in mind that Carcassonne is divided into two great neighborhoods separated by the river Aude: La Cite, or the old Medieval town and the Bastide, the modern side, connected by the Pont Vieux. Each sector has its own way to get around. It is easier to move in a car in the modern sector: the streets are lined and follow a grid pattern and there is enough parking space. On the contrary, La Cite is a collection of twisted roads and alleys that make orientation a matter of continual consideration. There are certain spots that can be located easily, such as the castle Comtal, only because there are many signs directing the driver to the right direction. It is highly recommended that you carry a map of both the old and the new sectors. Parking space is not abundant, there is a one at the main entrance to La Cite, better park here and walk up the hilly roads. The main sector of La Cite is pedestrian so the car is not of much use here, anyway. Best option: walk across the river using the Pont Vieux (you'll enjoy the spectacular views) and walk into La Cite.

From late Spring all through Fall and over the Summer, there is a shuttle that takes visitors for free from the Bastide to La Cite. You can use the local bus (you have no choice in Winter if you don’t want to walk and have no car), but remember that they don’t run on Sundays!!! Get a brochure with the bus schedules and itineraries at the Tourism Board Offices or at the information desk at the airport.

One smart option to get around is by motorcycle, this vehicle will take you along that intricate and narrow street that goes nowhere but always up and up.

Those who plan on biking around, keep in mind that the countryside is hilly and cycling can be tiresome though not impossible. Check out the Carcassonne Bicycle Tour at for itineraries.


Public transport in and around the city is limited especially at weekends. Careful planning is needed if relying on trains and buses to get around.

Information about buses to and from the airport The airport bus is timed to connect with inbound and outbound flights.

Information on city buses can be found at

Bus number 4 links the station and the old cité. There is also a tourist trolley that runs from the road across from the station.

Information on rural and regional buses is at

Information on regional/local rail services at