The town has a local airport, Aeroport de Carcassonne-Salvaza. It is serviced by Ryanair with flights coming from London, Brussels, Liverpool, East Midlands and Dublin. The airport is quite near and you can take a shuttle (it leaves in accordance with flight arrival times, costs 5 Euros and you can use the same ticket on any local bus for an hour ) or a taxi to Carcassonne downtown.

Major European airlines such as KLM, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa and SN Brussels Airways fly into Toulouse, the nearest international airport. It is about 40 miles west of Carcassonne. There, you can rent a car or take a train to Carcassonne. From S.N.C.F. Carcassonne railway station, you can either take a bus (it doesn’t run on Sundays) or a taxi parked at the entrance to town.

If you decide to drive, you will get some bonuses as the chance to view a fantastic hilly countryside and stop at some of the wineries on route and taste the exquisite wines and buy some (you will pay a third of the price that you would pay for the same wine back home in the USA or other country). Motorway A61 connects Carcassonne with the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts and it will take you from Toulouse.

A bit of useful information about the airport.

The facilities are very basic and limited.

There is a restaurant (upstairs) and toilets at the far left of the main terminal building.

Arrivals is at the far right. Departures is in the middle.

 Do not go through until you really need to as after check in, security and immigration there is only a very small waiting area with uncomfortable bench seats, one vending machine and two single toilets. There is NO duty free shop or any other shop for that matter

There is a very good bus service to and from the airport which operates at times to coincide with the flights. It stops at the station, the Dome and at the Porte Narbonnaise of La Cite. Cost is €5 one way.

 Timetable for buses to the airport note that some stops are not served by all journeys.