Notre Dame Cathedral on the Ile de la Cite

Notre-Dame is on the center of Paris, on the "Ile de la Cité" where the first inhabitants of Paris setteled. The construction of this masterpiece of Gothic art began 1163 and was finished 2 century later, in 1345. 

The Cathedral suffered a lot throught the 19th century and the revolutions that came with it, from the French Revolution of 1789 to the Commune of Paris in 1871 which almost led to the destruction of the buidling (the Tuilerie castle was destroyed during this last revolution), but the monument was preserved and lot of renovation have been done aferward to renovate this Middle-Age masterpiece which is one of the most beautiful Gothic Church of Europe, especially known for it Rosae which is one of the biggest on this kind of church that you can find, but also for the entrance and the Kings of Judea (and not the king of France!) that you can find. Unfortunatly, some of them are not the original one, because they had been destroyed during the French Revolution. 

 Many famous historic moment happened in this Cathedral, like the wedding of Henri De Navarre (futur Henri 4th of France) and Marguerite de Valois (daughter of Catherine of Medicis), Napoleon's corronation by Pie VII in 1804, and many other events. For the last fiew years, it had been used mainly for celebration of the anniversary of the Cathedral itself or for National Hommage.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is nowadays visit by thousands of tourists everyday, and there are many way to visit it! 

  • Just take a look of it, outside, on the Jean-Paul II square, going backside. It is possible to have an outside tour of the Church thanks to compagny like Discover Walk who propose a Notre Dame Tour, and so you can learn a lot about Notre-Dame with a local! 
  • Going inside is highly recommended! It is totally free (it is a church), you can have a look at the Rosae, the Heart of the Church, and have a prayer in this magnificient Cathedral! 
  • Going up! and climb up, thanks to the stairs which are on the right side of the Cathedral, and  admire Paris from it very central heart! It is simply one of the most beautiful view of Paris from one of its oldest building! 


The gothic carving at Notre Dame is among the finest in the world