Le Marais is a culinary melting pot, where Lebanese takeout joints rub shoulders with upscale tea houses. Some favorite local eateries:


Créperie Suzette 

24 rue des Francs-Bourgeois

Créperie Suzette isn’t a particularly creative name, but there is nothing run-of-the mill about this cozy, smoky creperie on rue des Francs Bourgeois. Inside, a primarily local clientele was lingering in snug nooks over oversized mugs of tea (outrageously priced at 4 euros). The small room, tight quarters, and cozy atmosphere will make you feel like family with the other patrons.

Select from their recommended combinations or design your own crepe or galette.

Les Philosophes
28 rue Vielle du Temple

See and be seen for dinner or a post-prandial coffee or cocktail (until 2am) on the corner of busy rue Vielle du Temple. The location and hours draw a mixed crowd of tourists and Parisians. Indoors is crowded and busy, while outdoors, all chairs are turned toward the street for optimal people watching. Heaters keep diners warm on chilly nights.

The simple bistro fare begins with excellent bread served with a tiny porcelain bowl of eye-wateringly spicy Dijon mustard. Salade Mixte is surprisingly robust and filling, and the assiette de fromages would easily feed three hungry Americans.

Chez Marianne
2 rue des Hospitaliéres-St. Gervais

Chez Marianne is the undisputed queen of the many Middle Eastern restaurants dotting the streets of the Marais. The owners make no secret of their political leanings, which are painted on just about every window. Day or night, people buzz like bees around their takeout window, foil-wrapped falafel sandwiches in hand. Without a reservation, you’ll likely wait 10mn or so for dinner. You may get a free glass of rose to drink while you wait. Dinner is a smorgasbord of Lebanese treats, including delicious, tiny felafel balls, although they charge for side orders of pita bread.

(Métro stop is St. Paul for all but Les Philosophes, which is near Hotel de Ville)

Le Bouledoqu
20 rue ranbuteau 75003 Paris
metro rambuteau

This is a fabulous place fairly close to GPcenter, with pics of french bulldogs on the walls, cute waiters who aim to please, and amazing food.

Le loir dans la théière: 

An amazing café on rue des Rosiers where you can eat delicious cakes in a very cosy ambiance . Try not to go there during weekend otherwise you will have to queue !! It is one of the favorite place of parisian's girls