The Viaduct behind the Opera in the Bastille district is a must for any visitor to Paris. It is an old railway line that has been turned nto the most wonderful garden walk above ground. You may have seen something like this in New York with their High Line. Well the Viaduct is much more advanced and incredibly beautiful. It is a 4 km length of pathway with seats dotted along the way. The garden is magnificent and the views are not bad either.

When you first arrive at the entrance behind the Opera house you may be put off by the grafitti but go up the stairs and enter a beautiful garden well worth the visit. If you only have half an hour just walk one section of the park. There are many exit stairways along the track that take you back down to the street level where you can enjoy local cafes or eateries depending on where you exit.

It is easy walking but you do need to be able to take the stairs. There may be a lift at one or more entrances but check this out online.