There are many iPhone and Android apps available to help a visitor around Paris. Please share your favourites here.

Here is a short listing of iPhone/iPod Touch apps  and e-books you may find to be helpful when in Paris


Velib (iPhone/Android)

The Velib' bike system in Paris has been talked about around the world and when they finally came out with an app, it was met with great anticipation. And it has been worth it; the app tells you where to find a bike, how many bikes are available at any particular station, and how many slots are available when it’s time to return it. 

RATP (iPhone/Android)

This is the app for the transit system in Paris, including the bus, métro, and RER (suburban train) lines. There’s a lite version that’s free, but spring for the paid (premium) one, which is far more comprehensive. With this app, not only can you find maps, but also create a journey, find out when the next bus is coming, learn what stations are near you, which stations are under renovation, get traffic information (including strikes and demonstrations), and read timetables.


French - Learn French (hello-hello) for iPhone

This app provides on-spot assistance to do real time conversation in a French language and without use of internet connection. The app comes handy to ask natives about directions, grocerry items at local resturants. The app methodology is based on real life situation like asking for direction from a stranger, general conversation with a shopkeeper, hotel staff, airport employee, doctor and many more. 

iTunes: us/app/frenc...  

Paris Museums Guide (iphone/ipad/android/amazon app store)

One of the best things about Paris is the amazing museums it has. It truly can be called the Museum capital of the world. From the famous awe-inspiring Louvre to the Impressionist haven Musee d'Orsay to Monet's waterlilies at the l'Orangerie, Paris has it all. A Museum Pass is recommended for avoiding the queues at the museums. For apps guides to the Paris museums, check out the Paris Museums bundle on the Apple App store. (It can save you a bit on buying the more expensive audioguides at the museum). The Louvre, Musee d'Orsay and l'Orangerie museums are included in the bundle. Comes with a handy tours option incase you want to pace yourself and see only the highlights. Happy browsing! 

 ( In case you want to buy the apps separately from a different app store other than apple, check out their website below which directs you to the respective appstore - )



Offline Map

Offline map of Paris with places of attractions (

Holidayen Paris


Tourist guide and automatic itinerary planner for Paris ( Lite and  Pro)




While traveling Paris (France), language is very big challenge while contacting to locals. They prefer to talk in French language which make visitors feel strange. OneTongue is solution for this problem. With OneTongue, You can get instant translation of French language. You need to follow some steps while using this app which you can find in App store description. Download it here: us/app/oneto... 



An app for a safe travel that lets you assess safety or danger of a neighborhood level based on your location in Paris, London and NYC, and on the time of the day. Maps of 80 "quartiers" are available, as well as hotspots of the most dangerous subway stations, places where pickpockets and prowl, and where crimes are most often committed. Really useful when you don't know the city. us/app/besafe...



This iphone app is free and has wikipedia listings for all important sites. No need to use Wifi or 3G/4G. Includes easy to read Metro map and street map. Use it a when looking for attractions to visit (as it has listings for every musuem (large and small)  in Paris).


TimeTravelerTours: Beware Madame La Guillotine! (iPhone)

This unusual app that is intended to be used as a "self-guided tour" of some of the important historical attractions and locations in Paris (without the need for wifi/3G). Cost: $5.99. Teaches one about history from the perspective of an actual historical character while weaving in other important aspects of Parisian history. Intended for young teenagers or anyone who likes to learn about history in a compelling (non-boring) way.


Blue Lion Guides -The Palais-Royal, at the crossroad and power and culture ( iPhone/iPad )

From the editor's description: Discover one of the most enchanting spots in Paris: the Palais-Royal. The guide, Ulrike Kasper, an artists and professor of history of arts, will guide you through a fascinating walk. She talks about the history and people, kings, philosophers and revolutionaries, who haunt this monument and the surrounding galleries. Original text, images and audio. Also available in French.


Blue Lion Guides - The American Revolution in Paris - In the Founding Fathers' Footsteps ( iPhone/iPad)

The app is a walking tour through the remarkable events that lead to the American Independence after the Revolutionary Wars. It’s been argued that without France, specifically, without the funds, arms and fighters provided by King Louis XVI the American Revolution would never have been won. Highlighted in these and many other aspects of this fun and informative tour, the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and Paris itself will never seem the same. Check the web site or download from the AppStore    

Wotsdis Travel Guide Paris ( iPhone/iPad )

This offline travel guide is a fantastic tool. Includes maps, wikipedia articles and points of interest of Paris and around. So if you don't want to expend a lot of money in data roaming, this app works offline, so you will have in your hands the maps and points of interest, and all the articles of Paris. The augmented reality view is a surprise.

Station App 

Station is an iPhone app that helps users quickly and easily find places and things around public transportation stops/stations.  Whether you are searching for a restaurant, park or something else, Station makes it pretty easy.  Type in what you’re looking for, type in a public transit stop and find exactly what’s within walking distance.  Station is Free.

Louvre Museum : Audio Guide, Artworks and Exhibition (iPhone/iPad)

You can download the app by search "Louvre Museum : Audio Guide, Artworks and Exhibition", or click this link Download Link