Paris has a lot of different Flea Markets, the biggest and most famous is the St Ouen Flea Market with more than 11 millions visitors a year.  it is located up north from Paris (Metro Clignancourt). It is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and you can find everything you are looking for in one of the 2,500 stalls: antiques, collections of pearls, paintings, perfume bottles, old and new vintage  fashion shops…

This market began in the Middle Ages when merchants resold the cast-off, flea infested clothing of aristocrats to peasant folk.

Then, Picasso himself use to walk around it, hoping to find the inspiration for his next masterpiece.

More recently, this is where Woody Allen shot his last movie “Midnight In Paris”. Insider’s tour are available here.

You can also find the Vanve Market down south along Avenues Marc Sangnier and Georges Lafanestre, this outdoor market is open until 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tables along both sides of the sidewalk are full of paintings, jewelry, dishes, furniture, and books. Some of finds included some great old transferware dishes, a heart shaped porcelain sign in French ($13), and a box of 25 vintage metal soldiers ($25).

Every summer in Paris (approximately from May until September) you have so many little flea markets all over Paris: of course it is smaller than the ones outside Paris, but it's more convenient to go and less long. You should check on Google to see the agenda of those sales because it is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon in Paris and you will be able to find good cheap antiques. 

Puces de Vanves