Make and Off-season Visit to Bonifacio from Sardinia

  1. Rent a car in Sardinia. 
  2. Take the ferry from Santa Teresa Sardinia to Bonifacio Corsica. It runs year-round. During the off season there are usually two crossings per day.
  3. Get a room at the Hotel Le Royal in the Old Town of Bonifacio.
  4. Take a sunset walk around Bonifacio with your camera set night-time shooting.
  5. After 7pm (1900) go for some pizza at Petra Bianca in Old Town Bonfiacio (50 meters from the hotel). 

You'll need a car if arriving by ferry. The Old Town is too much of a climb to do on foot with your luggage. Don't be put off by the Sardinians negativity about taking the ferry to Corsica. Most don't seem to know there's an off-season ferry service. Off season Bonifacio is still magnificent. If you've never visited a 9th Century fortified city carved into the cliffs Bonifacio is a MUST SEE. 

Ferry Service

Hotel Le Royal