Reims is a university city and has a very happening nightlife. The city center is full of lively bars, beer pubs, and dance nightclubs.

If dancing and electro-beats is what you are after, There are three major clubs to check out.

  • Le Tigre is a local favorite, the pub's interior is  wild and lets the tiger theme run rampant. It has an adjoined discotheque that brings in rock, reggae, drum 'n bass, and electro DJs alike.
  • Soa Club has sexy red lighting and brings in some of Europe's top DJs.
  • Le Factory on Avenue Paris has well known local DJ residents and brings in better known Parisian mixmasters.

There is no shortage of beer pubs in Reims. Brasseries always offer several types of beer on tap, usually a couple of French beers and better known Belgian beers, like Stella Artois. The major walkway for bar action is at Douet d'Erlon, which is a beautiful pedestrian thoroughfare with an often pictured, gorgeous fountain and large golden-topped monument, La Fontaine Sube. The walkway is a good half mile long.

Two of the best brasseries on Drouet d'Erlon are:

  • Cafe Leffe
  • Les 3 Brasseurs

Other great watering holes include:

  • Bar le Colibri
  • Cafe du Palais
  • Le Royalty
  • L'escalier

If you find yourself craving an English style pub, fear not and head to The Glue Pot, on Drouet d'Erlon of course. The Glue Pot features the English beers and big screen TVs that you will not find in the average brasserie.

Cabaret shows take place at Le Vegas on rue Lessage. It is open all year round.

If you are in need of more ideas, do not be afraid to ask a local. The younger people you will see around the city will most likely speak English and be happy to give you the forecast of the night.