Leonardo Da Vinci's last home

King Francois 1 invited Leonardo da Vinci to leave his native Italy and spend what was to be the last few years of his life in France in the Clos Lucé Manor house in Amboise. In 1516 the King gave Leonardo the renaissence manor house to live in  and a pension of 700 golden crowns per year. The King asked for nothing in return other than the pleasure of conversations with him. You can see the entrance to the underground passage connecting the manor  to the Royal Castle, giving the King direct access.

Fascinating to visit as large scale models have been made of many of Leonardo's sketches, which include inventions most of which are four centuries ahead of his time.  The website is www.vinci-closluce.com  There are beautiful gardens round the manor house showcasing many of his inventions 

 A multidisciplinary genius, Leonardo da Vinci made some extraordinary scientific discoveries.  In his sketches he visualised the first car, a glider, the helicopter and even a paddle steamer as well as military machines such as tanks, bridges & canons.  IBM made up the models many of which are in the beautiful gardens surrounding the manor house. 

 Many royals have lived at Le Clos Lucé also.  Well worth a visit.  The website is www.vinci-closluce.com