Because the weather in Beaune is beautiful throughout much of the year ( ), outdoor sports and activities are frequently enjoyed by the area’s visitors.


The most popular sporting activity engaged in by Beaune travelers is bicycling.  Many travelers find that exploring the area vineyards along the available bike tracks gives them an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors while seeing the local sites.  Additional information about commonly taken bicycle routes in the area is available online at .  Information about bicycle rentals and guided bicycle tours provided by the Bourgogne Randonnees is also available online at .  

In addition to bicycling, other outdoor sports enjoyed by local travelers include golf and hiking.  More urban travelers may find that walking tours, either guided or self-lead, are an excellent activity.  More adventurous travelers may find that the Viking River Cruise ( offered in the nearby area is the best outdoor travel activity for them.

Although most Beaune travelers seem to head to the area in the summer, there are numerous winter activities available for those visitors who do make Beaune a cold-weather destination.   Notably, there are many places near Beaune where travelers can go skiing.   The Beaune Hotel ( ) is a bed and breakfast which offers ski packages to its guests.

 Another popular activity is to attend a French cooking class. These are very popular and available near Beaune. There are 2 local schools. The first is  The Cook's Atalier in town and the second is In Anna's Kitchen . Also available in nearby Dijon is I-Food-France with Alex Miles