Travelers may be able to spend all day enjoying the local vineyards and getting themselves a bit tipsy off of the wines there, but this does not mean that they don’t enjoy the nightlife.  In fact, Beaune nightlife is popular with both tourists and locals and travelers will find that there is no lack of nighttime activity.  The following hot spots are the best nightlife locations available to Beaune visitors:

  • Disco Jazz Band – This is one of the most popular all night dance clubs in Beaune.  It is also one of the most expensive, with cover being upwards of $15 on the weekends.
  • Le Carnot ( is one of the many bars located on Rue Carnot.
  • Le Raisin de Bourgogne – This is a bar featuring live music of different genres.  Travelers will find that this place is slightly off-the-beaten-path and may give them more of an opportunity to mingle with Beaune locals than the other bars of the area.
  • Opera-Night – Travelers seeking an active dance club should head here where glittering lights and numerous mirrors make the space seem even bigger than it actually is.
  • Pickwick’s Pub – This is an English style pub favored by Brits and those who like to drink in British style.
  • Why Not – Most commonly enjoyed for its karaoke nights, this bar also offers live music.
Travelers can read one blogger’s experience of the local nightlife at Rick Steve’s “I Love Nightlife” Europe page: .