Travelers often find that a visit to the local tourist information center is the best way of kicking off any vacation.  This is because the information center provides valuable up-to-date news about the best places to stay, the best things to see and the current happenings of any area.  Additionally, tourist information center often have free maps and discounted rates on attractions, both of which can help travelers figure out where they are going and what they are doing while they are staying in the area.

If this is true of most locations, it is definitely true of Beaune.  Beaune is popular among tourists because of the local wineries it has, and the visitors’ information center provides extensive information about the wineries which is updated with each new harvest season.  Travelers will find that stopping off at the center is the best way to get inside knowledge about each of the vineyards.

The office, known by the French title as the Office de Tourisme, is located at 6 Bd. Perpreuil in the heart of Beaune.   They can be reached by phone at 03-80-26-21-30.   Travelers seeking to obtain information about the area prior to their trip should check out the official tourist website at .   Another helpful tourist website for Beaune is online at .