Britanny has a wide range of transport possibilities, some of which can be very cheap if not free. The regional train netowrk works very well, but it is quite expensive. Timetables can be found on the regional rail website. For a cheaper option there are bus companies, one for every Britanny districts, that cover most of the major destinations. Services don't run very often though. The website BreizhGo gathers the informations and timetables from the different bus companies. Alternative, cheap and efficient transport options are the carpooling websites and hitchhiking. Carpooling, which in France is called covoiturage, works extremely well and is very used in the region. There are even specific parking lots in every town where drivers collect passengers to share rides and costs. Covouiturage libre, together with the regional networks of dedicated websites and the international BlaBlaCar are the most used venues to find a ride or passengers. But for a more adventurous experience, hitchhiking is a very good and popular option too. Bretons are used to it and are very generous in offering rides. Waiting times are very short and it is a good way to get to know the welcoming spirit of the region. Biking is also a popular option. All around Britanny there are bike lanes and a networks of green routes very weel signalled that allow bikers to explore safely the whole region. Informations can be found on the official website Vélo Bretagne

Westcapades is a private tour company that offers day long tours of Brittany.You take a TGV train from Paris to Rennes (2 hours), the driver will pick you up at the Rennes trains station.  From there the suggested itenerary is Rennes to Dinan, Dinan to Mont St Michel and Mont St Michel to St Malo from there you will be driven back to Rennes to take the evening train to Paris.  You get to cover alot of ground without having to rely on trains and buses (which can often run late, or even worse you run too late to catch it).  With the private driver you can decide if you want a bit more time in one of the cities; more flexibility.  The drivers are extremely friendly and even more knowledgable of the areas you will visit.  As of March 07, the cost is 78 EUR per person.