The main attraction for travelers heading to Dordogne Valley is the series of caves which offer an informative look at the prehistory of the area.  Information on those caves can be found at and  In addition to the caves, there are numerous museums which relate both the prehistoric history and the more modern history of the area.  Museums to check out include:

  • Apiculture Museum – An interesting specialty museum devoted to honey production.
  • Chateau des Milandes ( which is a fifteenth century castle and historic home.
  • Cycling Museum – Anyone with an interest in bicycles should make a stop here.

  • Maison de la Noix – Located in Molieres, this specialty museum explores all there is to know about walnuts and the items made from them.
  • Musee d’Automat – This is a museum devoted to automatons.
  • Musee National de Prehistorie ( which is a natural history museum devoted to the prehistory of the area.
  • Museum of Castel-Merle ( which has exhibits of artifacts from prehistoric times.
  • National Wine and River Navigation Museum – Located in Bergerac, this museum offers an interesting combination of Dordogne River historic boats and area wine making materials.
  • Paper Museum – Travelers can see paper being made with historic machines and they can learn about the history of this industry in the area.