Many of Bordeaux's visitors arrive in the city by air via L'Aeroport de Bordeaux (Mérignac).  Bordeaux's airport is full service, offering passengers dining and boutique shopping, wireless Internet access, and other amenities.  It is the main airport for the Aquitaine region of France and serves flights from all major European carriers and most larger U.S. carriers.  There is a low-cost carrier terminal there also, called 'billi' (Bordeaux Illico) with limited facilities a short walk from the main airport halls.  The airport is located within close proximity to Bordeaux city and is accessible from the city by taxi, car, bus, or hotel shuttle.  Ground transportation for passengers arriving at the airport includes rental cars, taxi, buses and shuttles as well. 

Important traveler information on baggage allowance, security, and customs is available at the airport's website.  The website also offers travelers a few extras such as special travel offers, news, and bank, duty-free service information.  To track or look up flights arriving or departing from the Bordeaux Airport visit the airport's Flights and Connections page. You can download a widget to track Bordeaux Airport arrivals/departures in real time.

There is neither rail nor tram (streetcar) service at the airport.

There are two buses in operation between the airport and the city:

NON STOP AIRPORT SHUTTLE (Formerly Jetbus) - this runs every 60 minutes and connects the airport with the city centre, ending at the Gare St Jean, Bordeaux's main railway station. There is space for heavy baggage. One way fare is 7,20 Euros, pay the driver. EU residents can pay by credit card or contactless smart card. Non - EU credit cards are not accepted.

The service operates 365 days a year.  First bus from the station to the airport is at 06.00hrs weekdays, 07.00hrs weekends and holidays  then every hour until 21.00hrs, from the airport to the railway station from 08.00hrs to 23.00hrs.

It is now a non stop service to the station and takes about 30 minutes for the journey, depending on traffic. Official website

Connections by train, tram and bus are available at the railway station to all areas of the city.

CITY BUS LIANE 1 - To Gare St Jean via city centre for €1.50!

 This bus route runs frequently into the city. It now goes to the railway station Gare St Jean and no longer serves Quinconces. The buses used are large articulated vehicles with plenty of seats. They have a luggage rack inside and there is usually space elsewhere for all but the largest bags.

It therefore offers a cheaper but slower alternative to the infrequent non-stop shuttle above.

There is connection at Lycées Mérignac with Tram Ligne A for easy access to many parts of the city. The bus also connects with several other bus routes at Mérignac Centre, eg. buses towards Pessac and the University.

The route also takes it to Gambetta, Meriadeck and the Palais de Justice, very useful for the several hotels around that area. It also connects at Palais de Justice again with tram line A and myriad bus routes for onward travel within the city centre.  All bus and tram information is available in French, English and Spanish at

This bus (run by TBM or Transports Bordeaux Metropole) is much cheaper than the Airport Bus (€1,50) but slower.

 The trip from the airport to Gare St Jean takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on time of day etc.

 On board announcements are only in French. However, the buses have screens inside showing the next stop and also the following two or three. Travellers will have no problems knowing when to allight. Note - all stops are by request, so ring the bell as the required stop is approached. 

A ticket can be bought from the ticket machine by the bus stop (which accepts cash and credit cards) or from the driver.  The full timetable can be found at - the bus runs every 10 minutes for most of the day on weekdays and Saturdays, every 20 minutes for most of the day on Sundays and holidays.  Note that during July and August the frequency of buses is reduced - weekdays every 15-20 minutes, Saturdays every 20-30 minutes, Sundays and Holidays every 30 minutes.  Buses start at 05.00 weekdays and Saturdays, 06.00 on Sundays and Holidays. Last bus from the airport is at 23.40  except on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when it is at 00.20. Also, there is NO SERVICE AT ALL on the May 1st public holiday - in fact the entire tram and bus network is shut down that day.

The €1,50 ticket is valid for a second or third journey started within one hour of issue, so retain it for use if another bus or tram is needed to reach your final destination. If your trip is likely to take longer, buy a either a one day ticket at €4,60, a 5 journey ticket (€6.70) or 10 journey ticket at €12,40 depending on your future travel plans in Bordeaux.

TAXI - much more expensive than information would lead you to believe; there are a lot of extra charges and different time-of-day charges (more expensive  from 7pm to 7am).

The posted rate at the airport taxi stand (July 2013) is 1,44 euros per km during the day and 2,16 euros at night. Since the city centre is about 12km, you'd expect about 25 to 30 euros but it will probably end up being about 50 euros when extra charges are factored in. For example, 2 euros to get in the cab, 0.77 euros for catching it at the airport, 0.76 euros per bag, some extra amount because the meter adds in time (even at stop signs) that can be 6-7 euros more, and some more to supposedly avoid construction (i.e. making the route longer). However, the rate information the airport will supply if you question the charges is more than what is posted on the sign at the taxi sign (July 2013) - 1,60 euros/km daytime, and 2,40 euros/km evening and night.