Strasbourg can be enjoyed all throughout the year by travelers depending upon their seasonal preferences.  It is very much an area where the seasons do what they are stereotypically intended to do: the summers are warm, the winters are cold, the autumn is colorful and the spring is filled with blooming new life.  The busiest tourist season is during the summer, but this has less to do with anything specific to the area and more to do with the fact that many of the people who travel there have time off during the summer from school or work so this is when they plan their vacations.  There is also a peak in tourism during the Christmas season, as many people come to the area to enjoy a White Christmas there.

In terms of temperature, the hottest months of the year in Strasbourg are July and August.   High temperatures at this time average approximately eighty degrees and low temperatures average approximately sixty degrees.   The coldest months are December, January and February with January usually seeing the most snowfall.   It rains throughout the year in Strasbourg, with a slight increase in the spring and a slight decrease in the summer.   Detailed information about the climate of Strasbourg is available at and updated weather information is online at .