• Cafe Brant (Place Brant) offers Wi-fi access free of charge to its clients. The entire cafe, as well as its terrace is covered. The website of the cafe is http://www.cafe-brant.com/ . The cafe is open 7 days a week. The connection is excellent.
  • "Subway" Restaurant (2, quai des Bateliers - place Corbeau) - a sort of a French alternative to fast-food - is another free hotspot.
  • Cafe-Brasserie Le Michel (24, avenue de la Marseillaise) -  a nice local "brasserie" located near the Theatre National de Strasbourg.
  • The Irish Times - an Irish pub in the centre of Strasbourg - 19 rue Sainte-Barbe.

An updated list of free hot-spots in Strasbourg can be found here: