At the intersection of two major European countries, Alsace is easy to get to from anywhere in Europe, and is just an additional stop away from the rest of the world. Alsace is accessible by air, rail, and road, so take your pick!

Alsace is serviced by the Strasbourg International Airport , which is just outside the region’s largest city. The flight schedules vary throughout the year (with more flights during the summer when tourism is more popular) but it is usually possible to get a direct flight from Munich, Paris, London, Athens, Madrid, Vienna, Istanbul, Moscow, Milan and a number of other major European hubs. If you are flying from outside of the country the most common stopover points are London (Gatwick airport) or Paris.

Both national and international trains run through Alsace. Eurail and Eurostar have regular trains to Strasbourg from London and Paris. If you are planning on traveling to either of these cities it may be wise to purchase a Eurail pass, which can certainly get you to Alsace. The SNCF is the French regional train, and may work for you if you are starting out from within France.

Driving to Alsace is a convenient option since travel within the region is much easier in your own car. The highways in eastern France have clear signposts and are easy to navigate, with the help of a road map including your specific departure point.