This is a city with many attractions and museums:

Manchester Music Tours

Music related guided tours, walking and bus tours, 60's Beat to Madchester, specialist tours include The Smiths, Oasis, Joy Division, The Stone Roses and Factory Records, led by Inspiral Carpet Craig Gill

  • Manchester United Museum & Tour

Manchester Guided Walks

Get the most out of your visit to the original, modern city by taking a guided walk led by one of the city's Green or Blue Badge Guides 


Red Flag radical history  walks

For alternative unofficial walks   on  Manchester's radical history, including Peterloo, Chartism and Votes for Women   try Red Flag Walks


Manchester Museums Consortium

Check out their website - Manchester's guide for the creative tourist


Manchester Visitor Information Centre

45-50 Piccadilly Plaza
Portland Street
M1 4AJ
+44 (0)871 222 8223

Tours of Manchester

Why not come on a walking tour learn about Manchester's history, Factory Records, The Smiths, Coronation Street, Marx and Engels or how Manchester made it's money as a huge industrial cotton town.