The Foynes Flying Boat Museum chronicles that brief but romantic era when the famous Pan Am Clippers used Foynes as their gateway to Europe and back to the US.  The museum is housed in the old terminal building where, in 1941 Joe Sheridan served the world's very first Irish Coffee.  There are numerous exhibits showing the history of this era and it's impact on the town of Foynes.

New from 2006 is a large expansion of the museum including the only full-scale model of a Boeing B-314 Flying Boat anywhere in the world.  In addition there is a room of flight simulators demonstrating to would-be pilots how this aircraft would have handled.  The original tower has been restored and is scheduled to open in September 2009.  There is also an expanded coffee shop serving teas, coffees and of course Irish Coffee!

The museum is located on the N69 about 30km west of Limerick.  It is open from daily from March - November. See the museum's website for further information and to purchase tickets in advance.

Foynes Flying Boat Museum
County Limerick, Ireland
Telephone:   +353 69 65416