Killarney, Ireland is a city with thousands of years of history. There are many places to see, quite a few things to do, and many restaurants and different types of food to try. With so many choices, a trip to Ireland can be made much easier with the help of a good guide book.

Most guide books for this part of the world were written by people who have either lived there for many years or people who have toured the area with the intention of writing a book about their experiences. Therefore, reading about another’s experiences in Killarney can help visitors prepare their itinerary before departing on their trip.

“ Ireland (Eyewitness Travel Guides),” by DK Publishing is a highly recommended guide book for anyone traveling to any city in Ireland . It includes maps, historical information, restaurant and pub information, and information about historical sites and landmarks.

“Rick Steves' Ireland 2006,” by Rick Steves and Pat O’Conner is a guide book that describes some of the best places to visit in Killarney, as well as other cities in Ireland . Some of the locations described in the book are “off-the-beaten-path,” which can provide visitors with a true look into what real life is like in Ireland .

Killarney - History & Heritage Book   This is a book with contributions from a number of writers. It was organised by the Heritage & History Committee & Local Council.