Killarney is a town that is filled with culture and history. Old traditions in Killarney are alive and well, and continue to be a part of every day life here.

Ireland is famous for its traditional music. Music reminiscent of the old days in Ireland can still be heard in many places all over Killarney. From bars and restaurants to live performances on the streets, the important role that music plays in the lives of the residents who live here is apparent.

Killarney is also famous for the literature that has been produced here by a few famous authors and poets who were born and raised in Ireland. Storytelling is also another important cultural tradition Ireland, and many of the stories that continue to be told today date back thousands of years.

Many of the local residents who are also tour guides in Killarney commonly tell some of the most famous folklore stories to the city’s visitors. One good way to hear a traditional folklore story is to hire a jaunting car (horse and buggy) to tour the local parks. The jarvey (as the driver is called) will have you wondering which of their tales are myths and which are legends. But just about anyone who was born and raised in Killarney knows a few tales or myths that describe a bit of Killarney legend.

The Irish language itself is an important part of the country’s culture and tradition. Irish almost became an obsolete language over 100 years ago, but has been revived and is now spoken all over the country.