2007 saw the Reintroduction of 15 White Tailed Sea Eagles in Killarney. In 2008 there was another 22 Chicks reintroduced. In 2009 there will be more Chicks introduced in the National Park.

One place to see them is from the Lake Hotel, Ross Castle (especially by boat).

The Black Valley is also a good place to see these Magnificent Creatures. They have an 8 ft wingspan and really stand out because of their size. You can now see them almost anywhere near the Lower and Upper Lakes in Killarney.

White Tailed Sea Eagles in Killarney

White Tailed Eagle flying over the McCarthy Mor Castle on the Lower Lake in Killarney. One thing you will notice when the eagles are hunting below a couple of thousand feet is the crows mobbing them, sometimes up to 20 crows. On these occasions it ie easy to spot them.