Traditional Irish Music can be heard right around Galway City. Taaffes &Tig Coili in the centre of the City have sessions every night although these can be overwhelmed with tourists during the summer months.

In the west end of town, The Crane has built a solid reputation for Irish Music which happens most nights. Sessions occur around diiferent pubs on certain nights. Highlights include Wednesdays and Sundays at Cookes Thatch Pub.  Wednesday nights at Wards bar and Thursdays at Rabbittes.

The spanish arch Hotel and bar plays host to lively Irish/Spanish traditional music early in the week in the form of Alale which is quite popular

One of the best Irish music sessions in the City is nowhere to be found in the tour books:As with many sessions, it doesn't get much publicity, but is a must-see if you are in the City any Thursday night. The session starts up at 9.30pm in The Western Hotel, which is just up the short hill from Eyre Square.

If you're lucky you could witness a mega-jam, with 3 or 4 musicians to start with, but every ten minutes someone new arriving to add to the tunes(could be as many as 12 musicians at the end of the  night).