Breakfast options in Dublin City Centre

Generally breakfast menus finish around 11.30 but often go on all day at the weekend, especially on Sundays. The traditional option is a "Irish Breakfast" which every B&B will serve up: sausages, rashers (of bacon) white and black pudding (blood sausage), a fried egg and some grilled tomato. Fancier places will offer you a choice of how your eggs are cooked (scrambled/poached) or serve mushrooms, beans or even potato hash browns or waffles, all washed down with a cup of tea and accompanied by toast or brown soda bread and real butter. For lighter choice stick with coffee shops. 

The institution for Irish breakfast used to be the Bewley's Breakfast (check it out on Grafton St)  Breakfast 8 to 11.30am, Mon to Fri. 9am to 12 noon, Weekends.  The Famous Full Irish Breakfast, €11.75  They also serve granola, porridge, bagels, quesadilla, scones and pastries.  Kylemore (on O'Connell St and in the St Stephen's Green shopping centre do a greasy hungover one. You'll also get  breakfast in Clery's,  Arrnotts and  Dunnes Department Stores or even Debenhams. Also try the Kilkenny Design restaurant across from Trinity College, on Nassau street: it offers a fresh full Irish Breakfast for about 5 Euros, careteria style service in a bright big window atmosphere.

Almara B&B Dublin are now serving full menu breakfasts to non residents between 7.30am - 9.00am - just telephone.

Budget: Get a "breakfast roll" from any convenience store or petrol stations eg any Centra, Spar, Mace. A breakfast roll is a baguette stuffed with rashers of bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, egg, tomato...whatever you want really and for a fraction of the price of a sit down Irish breakfast.

Coffee shop with options: Expect offerings like bagels toasted, eggs, paninis, croissants with cheese, if you are in luck pancakes-  Metro Cafe or Busyfeet, facing one another on opposite corners of  South William St, off Grafton St are both good, and Metro has outside tables.  Cafe Java on South Anne St (and in Blackrock) has a comprehensive menu too but on the lighter side.

French pastries: The only place to pick these up is Maison des Gourmets on Castle Market , to say that they are amazing would sell them short. 

Brunch at the weekend: Elephant and Castle in Temple Bar do excellent brunch, and lots of options, eggs, omelettes, Irish breakfast etc. This cannot be under estimated as the food is of the highest order in a great atmosphere. Drop by midday on Saturday or Sunday and spot the stag parties with the sore heads quaffing the breakfast and copious amounts of water and orange Juice.

The Mermaid on Dame St and Odessa on Dame Court do high class versions and serve cocktails too. A couple of newcomers on the scene, Honest to Goodness in Georges Street Arcade (a covered mall off South Great Georges Street) has fantastic french toast with maple syrup and bacon and very reasonable prices by Dublin standards... Another good newcomer, not specifically for Breakfast but coffee and pastries at breakfast time and great sandwiches etc all through the day is Fallon and Byrne on Exchequer Street, continuation of Wicklow Street. Great value in porridge and fruit compote or fresh fruit for 3.50. It also has a wine bar downstairs and a great restaurant upstairs and a foodhall for fresh fruit and veg and upmarket groceries on the ground floor level.