With over 12,000+ licensed taxis working the Dublin area there is generally little problem getting a taxi in Dublin except when traffic is particularly heavy or late at night during the Christmas party season.  

All taxis in Ireland have a large yellow and blue roof-sign and door signage. Taxis may be hailed on the street, picked up at a taxi rank or ordered by phone/app.   

All taxis are metered and charges are the same throughout the country.  Taxis have a fares sticker on the dash board and fare cards in the seat pockets which explain the fares. If you want an estimate of the fare in advance, use the  official online fare calculator

The initial fares are:
  • €4.10 during the day 8am to 8pm
  • €4.45  8pm to 8am and all day Sunday & Public holidays.  

          for the first 1km or 170 seconds 

Although most drivers are honest, beware the ’extras’ on the meter.  The only extras due  are

  • Second and additional passengers: €1.00 each
  • Telephone Booking fee: €2.00 (Bookings made with the Hailo or Uber apps from a smartphone/tablet incur no booking fee but these apps cannot currently book a taxi in advance).
  • Toll charges

There are no  charges for luggage or an airport pick up.

Few taxis have facilities to take credit or debit cards in the cab. If you want to pay by card and you have a smartphone/tablet with internet access in Ireland, you should download the Hailo or Uber apps, register your card and use the apps to book a taxi in Dublin: Hailo has thousands of cab drivers signed 

Check the charges on the meter.   If you don't understand them, ask!  Drivers are generally honest, if you do have a problem with a driver, a taxi or the radio company report the matter to the Taxi Regulator

All taxis can issue a receipt (like a till receipt) stating start and end of journey time, distance traveled, the fare and the extras.  It states the registration number of the car and the taxi plate number. Apps like Hailo and Uber send a reciept by email.

If you feel you may have been over-charged and/or you're not happy with the driver's explanation, keep your receipt and check the cost of your journey with your hotel or contact the Taxi Regulator at or 1890 60 60 90. 

Rental Cars 

You really don’t need a car in Dublin City Centre.  The ’tourist’ locations are mostly in walking distance, and for the few sites that are on the edge of the city, you can use public transport . 

It's different story outside of Dubin and while there are buses and trains having a car allows you the mobility to break from the crowd.   

Car Rental Company's Avis, Hertz Dublin, National, Budget, Europcar Sixt and  Irish Car Rentals have desks in Dublin Aiport arrivals hall.  Open 6.00hrs-23.00hrs.  Pre-booked Car Rental Company’s Dan Dooley,  Enterprise and Thrifty's desks are in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1. Check Web sites for opening hours, usually 8.00hrs to 22.00hrs although most companies will offer a late collection service.  

Most of the smaller car company rental car desks are in Terminal 1. Thrifty, Enterprise and County Car Rentals are located in Terminal 1 only, so if you land at Terminal 2 you have to walk to Terminal1 to collect your car.   Their car lot is also a short distance from the terminal and you have to take the shuttle bus to collect your car so allow time for this.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is highly recommended.  But their hours are limited and watch for the hidden extras. 8.00hrs-18.00hrs They are at one of those ’hidden’ desks at Dublin airport, but they also have locations all over Ireland. Their cars tend to be new and their prices are much better than your average outfit charge. Another Company located in this section is County Car Rentals, a family-run independent company with low rates and cars on the airport complex and not located off airport like most of the others.

Beware of the insurance charges.  Unless the car is rented under a transferred Irish insurance policy, you WILL be required to carry insurance.  If you have a major credit card that offers rental insurance you will need a letter from the CC company with you to show the rental agent.  Without this letter, you will be charged insurance.  Check with your credit card company well in advance of travel.  At this time, Platinum Mastercards are one of the few to offer this insurance option. As of August 2015 both American Express and Visa specifically exclude CDW coverage in Ireland.

Age restrictions can affect drivers over 70.  Check online for the car rental company's policy.  If they don't ask your age when you book the car, don't assume you are OK.

It is usually well worth booking ahead if you want to rent a car at the Dublin airport.  During the summer months, the major outfits like Hertz and Europcar can charge upwards of €89 per day if you find yourself without a reservation!  The largest of the car hire companies have desks right outside of the arrivals door... you can’t miss them as you walk out of the airport.  There are also smaller firms tucked away in the back corner, just to the right of the larger companies.  You won’t see a sign for them, but the airport is so small it won’t take you long to find their rental desks. They typically have better prices than the large companies.

Americans should be aware that most cars here are manual transmission.  Automatic transmission costs quite a bit more in this market, and accordingly the rental companies will charge you a bit more if you specify this option. Again, you should make sure to book ahead if you aren’t comfortable driving a stick shift!  If you aren’t familiar with driving in Dublin it's strongly recommended that you take a Taxi or a Bus to your Hotel.  Driving in Dublin City isn't easy and parking is expensive. It is worth inquiring if your accommodation provides a free car park with allocated spaces (so you do not get blocked in) maybe close to Airport so you do not have to drive through Dublin City Centre and so you will be close to the M50 motorway - a ring road that takes you away from Dublin traffic and goes to all Counties in Ireland. Sleep off the jet lag before piling into a rental car!

When you are returing the car to the Airport, it isn't well signposted. Instead of the usual time allowed in returning a car, you should add 15 minutes extra for Dublin Airport.  The location of the rental facility is something you haven't seen since you arrived and you should remember it's a hike to the departures lounge with your luggage and newly bought Aran sweaters and other assorted gifts.  Follow the directions for short-term parking and then every so often a Car Rental return sign will pop up indicating you are on the right route.

And also: 

Yes, there are speed traps in Ireland.  There are cameras on the ’M’ and ’N’ roads and they WILL track you down if you get snapped!  Your car rental company will charge your credit card if they get a notice in the mail that you were ticketed.  The Gardai (Police) have also cracked down on drunk driving over the last couple of years, so don’t hesitate to take a Taxi or a Bus back to your hotel if you’ve had more than a pint, a Garda (policeman/policewoman) has the power to stop a car driver at anytime and breathalyse  them!

To/From the Airport 

See the separate Inside Dublin pages Arriving And Departing and From Dublin Airport To Your Hotel